Seeing Sideways – Fear

Surprise and Sadness.  (more to come with this assignment)

The Fear Assignment:  I was given a multi-step process, using a modified scientific method, of examining what makes me fearful.

  1. Examine the Situation: Fear is a normal, yet sometimes uncontrollable, reaction/emotion that protects us by signaling danger and preparing us to deal with this danger.  Fear used to keep me from experiencing lots of things by myself; going to the movies, trying a new restaurant, or going to see a live band play at a bar.  Over time I’ve decided to use my fear as a motivator to experience new things.
  2. Formulate an Experiment: One fear I do have is telling people about my past and what specific fears I do have.  So, for my fear assignment I’m just going to open up to my peers.
  3. The Outcome: I’m expecting is that my classmates may be a little surprised and/or sad.
  4. Conduct the Experiment: I decided to just share my fear with my peers.
  5. Observe the Reaction: Honestly nobody seemed surprised at all.  Again, to be honest, it didn’t really bother me.  I’ve been dealing with these fears for years and have been taking steps to overcome them.
  6. Analysis of Hypothesis & Outcome: It was more of just overcoming the fear of telling my peers about my past.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a huge reaction, it was more of me giving insight to my peers about why I think or do the things that I do.  Why my projects are the way they are and how I get to the root of my ideas when I do my projects.
  7. Proposed Changes:  I actually wouldn’t change anything.  Opening up was a fear, I overcame it, and the world is still in existence.  I have worked through my past and know why I am the way that I am today.  I don’t really want to relive the experience again, it’s time to move forward.
  8. Presentation that Stood Out:  I’ve so far have loved everyone’s presentations.  I just admire the trust that has been built within a class in such a short amount of time to where 16 people are able to share some of their fears with comfort.  Each fear is such a different experience for each individual that they’ve all stood out to me.  If I must pick one thing that stood out to me, it was how one of my classmates and I have lived very similar lives (we also look similar, and have the same glasses … SPOOKY!!!).  Also, Alec and I have shared the same abandonment experience from half a world apart.
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