Seeing Sideways – Bliss

(Do not come to class, what I want you to do is to take that 3 hour block of time and instead of coming to the classroom, do whatever it is that makes you happiest. Make sure it is a 3 hour block of time, not stolen moments here and there! It is really important that you go through this process. Creativity thrives on play! Do not blog about what you did.  As soon as you are finished experiencing your bliss, think of what you would want to do if you had absolutely no limitations. Don’t worry about whether or not you have the skills, resources, time, or even physical limitations. Anything goes. If you can dream it, then think about it. The only requirement is that you really want to do it. But it is imperative that you do this mental exercise only AFTER you have completed the bliss assignment. Once you have thought about the possibilities and chosen something, then blog about your unlimited idea. That is all you need to do. Write about what you would like to do if you could do anything you want.)

My bliss task somehow made me angry while doing it.  Assignment task failed, haha!!!  But, to answer the question for the assignment; I would be able to visit my friends anytime I wanted, move to London, work in the movie industry and I would also have whatever is needed so that people can make their dreams come true.  In this assignment I’ve found that I don’t need to do a task for 3 hours in order to put myself into a blissful state, I just have to dream for 30 seconds of what I would like to do.  I was actually angry before starting this, but in just thinking about spending time with friends, having the ways & means to make someone’s dreams a reality, and just the thought of living in London put me into a blissful state of mind.

I am going to do this assignment again due to my total failure and will edit my blog post at a later date.

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