Seeing Sideways – Get down with your unique self!

Get down with your unique self!

(Taking up where we left off on the discussion today about perception and awareness, spend time over the course of the next couple days to observe your surroundings. See if you can perceive or experience something that is completely unique to you that no one else has noticed. Try to do this at least 3 times and document your findings on your blog.)

Asking if I can perceive or experience something that is unique and in the same question asking if nobody else has notice it are two completely different subject matters that cannot be compared, apples to oranges if you will.  On a fundamental level of “experiencing something” we need to consider time line.  If I notice an insect on a tree branch and I’m the only one around, yes for that instant in time it’s a unique “experience”.  But, what about further down the timeline?  What if a group of 20 people walk by and they all see the same insect?  Is it still a unique experience?  Yes and no.

Again, on the fundamental level, seeing the insect on a tree branch is not unique.  If we take a timeline of just 70 years, how many individuals have seen an insect on a tree branch?  I would venture to say billions.  What that insect is narrowed down to a specific species?  Sure, the number drops, but is that new number small enough to call the experience unique?  What if we narrow down the experience further by being more specific and say it has to be a specific species of insect, a specific city, and a specific tree in that city?  Is it still unique experience over a 70-year time span?

However, how each of us experiences an event is unique to us as individuals.  Barring any disabilities, all of us can put a hand into a bucket of water and feel that it’s wet.  But, do we all feel the same thing as our hands are submerged?  Do we all actually feel the temperature of the water the exact same way?  Is the texture of the water the exact same feeling on everyone’s flesh?  The feeling may spark a memory or emotion, is that memory or emotion the exact same for every person that puts their hand into the water?  An example of this is Almond Cookies, they remind me of Christmas.  Are there other individuals in the world where Almond Cookies remind them of Christmas?  I would venture to say I’m not unique in this regard, but the exact feelings, emotions, and sensory inputs that are seared into my brain are quite unique to me.  For now there is no technology or mind-meld that will allow us as individuals to experience another persons exact emotions or senses.  With that said, I experience something unique to me every second of everyday.  Yes, there are others who share in my environment but they don’t experience what I experience.

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