What Do I Remember?

Seeing Sidways – What Do You Remember?

(Please discuss on your blog the thing that stuck out most for you from class today. Why do you remember it? How do you think it might help you on your path of creative exploration?)

The thing from class that stuck out for me most was a comment made by Alex in regards to how she was awed and possibly intimidated by the creativity of the class.  I feel the same way everyday as a Media Arts and Science student.  Looking at what the other students create (stories, artwork, comics, games, etc.), how do I compete with that level of creativity and where do I fit in?  In fact, not too long ago, I considered quitting the MAS program because of that feeling of being creatively inadequate.

Why do I remember that comment?  Being creative is a HUGE struggle for me, because it doesn’t come very easy.  Perhaps it doesn’t come as easy as I feel it should?  But, that’s a different discussion topic.  Most days I feel the same way as Alex, I’m in awe and, for me, have that feeling of why try, my stuff is not nearly as creative as what I know others will produce.  Due to my engineering background, I consider most of my “art” cold and calculated.  But, in the reflection I did before deciding to continue on or not in the program, I learned that there is a lot of beauty in what I can do, even if it is “calculated”.  I’ve also discovered that there are things I find simple that other students have a very difficult time doing.  Just one example of this is building snare drums from scratch.  There has to be something unique about my approach that is needed in this world.

Over the past year I decided to start breaking free of the engineering side of my creativity and just start to “play”.  I will never fully let go of my calculated approach to art, it’s part of what makes my talent unique.  However, that feeling of being creatively inadequate is now more of a motivation to try something new than it is a hindrance or a fear.  Hopefully Alex will feel the same way someday soon.  We, as MAS students, don’t have the same talents as other classmates and that’s the exciting part of why we are MAS students.

Adding a picture of just a small amount of things I’ve done.  I like to look back on my past projects and remember the all the emotions & experiences with each one.

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