N385 – The Egg and Eye

First, I took the egg and poked a hole on the top and bottom using a small nail.  Then, using a technique shown to me by a group of secret monks, blew out the egg white and yolk.  Added some milk and pepper to the egg “guts” and made a scrambled egg for breakfast.  It was delightful and delicious.  After breakfast I coated the egg in glue and wrapped the outside with multi-colored yarn.  Once the glue was dry, there were several delays/mistakes/problems (see paragraph below).  After resolving said issues, I wrapped red pipe cleaners around the egg and bent them into shape to create legs.  After pulling out my bag of googly-eyes and playing with several variations, the decision to use 5 eyes was made and they were glued into place.  I am now thinking that one giant eye would have been a better choice but, the glue is dry now … The creature needed some arms so I used another pipe cleaner for the arms with some “claws” on the end.

This project started out as a giant octopus, made from the same yarn, which was attacking dinosaurs on a beach.  The octopus came out looking decent, however, the arms weren’t stiff enough to pose.  I tried floral wire in the tentacles but they still couldn’t be positioned where I wanted them and they were too big to actually see the toy dinosaurs I was using.  Next, was to make tentacles by wrapping yarn around the floral wire.  It looked great, the tentacles were the right size for the dinosaurs and I could position the tentacles in any position I wanted.  The problem was I couldn’t figure out how to attach them and then position them without breaking the eggshell.  After taking a break I was looking through my art supply box and saw the pipe cleaners.  I tried out a set of legs and they looked decent enough, so I ran with that idea.  I tried to put a toy dinosaur in the “claw” but the dinosaur was too heavy.  In the end I scraped the original attacking dinosaurs idea and just decided to make a fun egg creature with no scene at all.

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