Blog Assignment #3: Dream Job

In class we were asked to write about “where you see yourself employed after you graduate from IUPUI?  What is your ‘dream’ job?  Honestly, I haven’t given my “dream job” much thought.  There are still many variables that will determine what I will do and where I will go in Media Arts and Science.  One of these variables is that I’m still investigating the paths in which I can go, because I don’t know what area my talent resides.  It is very possible for me to be able to use the MAS degree in my current job, which is civil/structural engineering.  Marketing and selling the ideas of the company and/or project could be a possibility.  As for what this blog assignment is actually about … my “dream job”, I would love to help make movies,  pre-production, production, and post-production.  I don’t currently know of any career in the film world that involves all of the phases but this is my dream.  I’ve have been part of production for a feature length film.  Witnessing and being part of someone’s idea and helping to make it a reality is very rewarding work and would love to do that as a career.

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