What Started the Interest

I was asked what sparked my interest in the media arts world. For me the true interest lies in the movie world. After thinking about it, honestly it started in high school when my friends and I would make home movies. Ever since then movies just fascinate me. Not only the final product but the making of them. I’m the individual that loves to listen to the commentaries on DVD’s, especially if there is one by the art director or director of photography. It’s the movie magic that I love the most, frankly way too much to post and/or explain here.

A few years ago I was able to be a production assistant for a friends feature length independent film. It was truly an experience to work behind the scenes and be a small part of process. I even got to be a body/stunt double. That’s the point that I realized I wanted to do more and learn more. So here I am … returning to school after 10 years to explore the world of Media Arts and Science. I’m supposed to choose a track eventually but as of right now all of it sounds extraordinary, and am a little frustrated that I “have” to choose one track of study. But, lucky for me I don’t have to choose just yet.

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